About Us

Fountainhead Art Space was created in 2016 to help Atlanta artists to connect with each other in a non-competitive way. We have hosted drawing sessions, workshops, mentoring, shows and more. Now, after Covid lock-downs have lightened, Fountainhead has re-opened in an even better new location. This amazing spot is Artisan Resource Center in Marietta. Housing a multitude of creatives with various backgrounds, this is the perfect spot to expand your knowledge and connections. Located not far from the square, the studio is easily accessible from most locations around town.

About Rae

Rae Broyles Studio at Artisan Resource Center

is the home of Fountainhead Art Space.

Rae, the founder, has spent the last 20 years painting

and for the last decade showing her work in not just Atlanta, but locations around the country and internationally. She has been published in a number 

of periodicals and books including

Art Journey, Abstract Painting.


She studied illustration and painting at

Rhode Island School of Design and

The American Academy of Art in Chicago.

Rae also previously spent many years as a

creative director and marketing professional.

Rae's desire to continue learning is

what drives the studio.

"We will always search out top-notch instructors

and new methods. Sharing techniques and helping others in their careers is the essence of what we do"

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