Penny Treese

Unique Techniques with Alcohol Ink

An Afternoon with Maggie Davis

Thinking Deeper about your Art

You as Art!

Wait til you see this!

Sept 8

Sept 12

Sept 26

Cutie and The Boxer

Movie and Discussion

Samantha DaSilva

Fearless Abstract Painting

Nancy Franke

Clarity- Simplify and Keep it Loose

Sept 17

Sept 18-19

Oct 21-22

Susan Stover

Fabric and Encaustic

Feb 19-21

Lisa Boardwine

Exploring Abstract in Oil and Cold Wax

Lauren Mantecon

Secrets of Abstraction

Feb 19-21

April 9-10

May 5-8

May 5-8

David Shelvino

Alla Prima Painting

Feb 19-21

Lisa Pressman

Narrative Abstraction

More to Come!

May 27-29

June 24-26


May 5-8