Secrets of Abstraction

Have you come to a place in your process where you would like to take your abstract language a bit deeper than the surface techniques you have learned? Have you noticed your painting may be looking a lot like others out there working in an abstract language?

Do you ever stop yourself when your paintings are “good enough”? They’re good; they have all the right elements to make a working composition, but you know you could go further and don’t. Often the difference between good & great are just 5 more brushstrokes.How do you move from a good painting to a great painting? Boldness and Risk!


In this workshop we’ll work together to part the veils & learn to trust our personal flow. I will guide us in moving toward that diving edge. Through Prompts & demonstrations, I will show you how to let your authentic voice shine in your paintings.

May 5-8, 2022

7-9pm Thursday

Fri-Sat 10-3

Sunday 1012

$695 + supplies

Supply List to come