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With Photographer - Liz Stubbs

and Artist - Penny Treese

 Celebrate your true self and

re-ignite your inner light.

Connecting Art and Soul! 

Small circles of women, empowering transformation.

Amplifying each woman’s self-relationship as limitless, stretching towards her richest potential.

Gather your circle of friends or meet new ones in this immersive experience. Celebration Circles are small group sessions of women, transforming fears and doubts through empowering photographic portraits and guided art creation.


Each guest receives:

       • Mini-portrait session + digital portraits

       • Powerful process transforming limiting self-stories           into self-empowering stories of celebration

       • Two Printed portraits which guests create into fine           art treasures through artist-guided + self-created             process: You As Art

        •BONUS: Lesson in ancient Egyptian encaustic

          art process


Liz Stubbs and Penny Treese, Atlanta photographer and fine artist, are an award-winning, internationally exhibited team, who also bring a unique mastery of energy and visual freshness to their work. 


Sunday, September 26


$748 per guest

5 min, 6 max



Examples of past celebration sessions!

Re-ignite your inner light and release your limiting stories in a exuberant portrait session. Together we create an art treasure celebrating YOU AS ART, transforming how you see yourself
and show up in life.