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A hundred pieces in 3 days?
Loosen up and let go!



This three day workshop is based on prompts, verbs and exercises to get to the core of personal meaning. The focus is on exploration, intuition and pushing out of your comfort zone. We will be experimenting with charcoal, graphite, water media, ink, pigment sticks, cold wax and other materials on paper. Directives include formal elements such as line, shape, space, color, verbs and conceptual ideas with fast paced timing based in discovery rather than finished products.

This class provides an insightful experience in personal creative development. Be prepared to be inspired. 


​March 24-26, 2023



Lisa Pressman is a model of what a teacher can bring to the table for students. I have seen her teach, and I’m in awe of her ability to bring out the best. It also says a great deal that other teachers take her workshops. 

Joanne Mattera, painter, founder/director of the International Encaustic Conference

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